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Accent Walls That Fit Your Style

accent accent wall brick color diy home paint pallet

From faux brick, to wooden pallets, to (you guessed it) paint, accent walls can make or break a room. A bold pop of color with a crown molding and a gallery wall is one of our favorite combinations for an accent wall. The color pop helps you share your personal style in a room without committing to painting the whole room. Installing a crown molding will add elegance and flow to the room so that your different colored walls have a feng shui. And lastly, a gallery wall full of local art, family photos, or you children’s framed masterpieces will...

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How to Properly Store Your Leftover Paint

  It is almost impossible to use every bit of paint you might have for a DIY project. And, most of us like to keep that spare bit around for future color matching or touching up chips or scratches. But how are you supposed to store your paint in a safe way that won’t damage it? Kush Paint is here to tell you! The first rule of thumb is to wipe away any excess paint on the outside of the can and around the rim. The cleaner the can is, the easier it will be to re-seal the lid. You...

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The Professional’s Secrets for Sanding

paint paint prep sanding walls

Spring is coming already (though it might not feel like it outside!) and many of us are already thinking about the warm-weather projects we want to get done. In our experience, painting a room in your home should be first on this list. t’s something you can do while it’s still a little chilly out but you’ll want to leave a window or two cracked to help rid of the fumes when you’re finished, so the bitter cold isn’t ideal. Late February or March is the “prime” time to get this indoor project done (prime, primer - get it?). However,...

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New Year, New Attitude, New Colors!

2019 is here and many people celebrate with making New Year’s resolutions. Year after year people make goals for themselves, many of which are long term to last over the course of the year. Common resolutions include going to the gym more, eating healthier, and being generally happier with life as it is. Luckily, Kush Paint is here to help you with your resolution this year (specifically the last one)! Surrounding yourself with certain colors can play a major part in your everyday attitude and happiness. If you need to be more motivated, try adding some orange to your home...

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Make Your Walls Sparkle!

Glitter paint is a trend sweeping little girl’s bedrooms and young adult’s bathrooms. Glitter accents in a room give a lux and feminine look, as do colorful and focal accent walls. So, why not combine glitter and accent walls? Rust-oleum has come up with a fabulous Glitter Interior Wall Paint. It’s fine glitter doesn’t clump together, which is perfect for painting everything from small pieces of furniture to entire accent walls. But, there are a few things you should know about it before deciding to glitterfy you room. The mixture is (basically) clear paint combined with copious amounts of glitter....

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