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Restoring Outdoor Patio Furniture with Restore-A-Deck

Recently, Kush Paint Co. started to carry the Restore-A-Deck product line for outdoor wooden furniture. Restore-A-Deck is a Michigan made product and we couldn't wait to try it out!

We wanted to give you an honest look at the product so we decided to try it out on a pretty weathered Moon Valley Rustics piece we had at that shop! Here's our experience with the Restore-A-Deck system:

Below is a few pieces of Moon Valley Rustics outdoor furniture that very badly needed a make-over. This pieces were outdoors and clearly had not been maintained at all.

 Before using any products on the piece:

weathered outdoor furniture

After using Restore-A-Deck Step 1: Wood Stripper, the furniture beings to look much better. Restore-A-Deck Step 1: Wood Stripper removes the decayed wood and even a lot of the old varnish from the furniture. The furniture looks clean but the wood is still a bit discolored due to age. Time for Restore-A-Deck Step 2: Wood Brightener. 

After using Restore-A-Deck Step 1: Wood Stripper:

After using Restore-A-Deck Step 1


After using Restore-A-Deck Step 2: Wood Brightener the furniture looked brand new! The directions are easy to follow. We brushed the solution onto the wood, kept it wet and let it do it's thing. After it lightens, flush with water until there are no suds left.


After Applying Restore-A-Deck Step 2: Wood Brightener and flushing the wood:


Once finished, we simply let the furniture dry. Then, it was ready for a light sanding and a coat of new varnish! We were really impressed with the Restore-A-Deck system and we can't wait for you to try it! 


Ready and waiting for a new finish:

The newly stripped and brightened furniture

 You can find the Restore-A-Deck products at our Roseville, MI store or it's available here on our website! Happy refinishing!


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