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Staining Your Deck

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Decks can really enhance your yard and provide you with a lovely place to entertain and relax but they can be a lot of work to maintain. Nothing beats a beautifully finished wood deck. At Kush we have been making our own deck finishes for decades. If you have questions about starting this project, come in and see us!

Prep is key! Decks can be tricky because they are flat and directly facing the sun and weather. They also gets walked on, this is why rails and siding hold up longer. 


For new wood:

Treated lumber needs time to dry out after it is installed because it is injected with chemicals.  We suggest waiting a few months. 

Lumber is cut and made smooth giving it a mill glaze that stain won't fully penetrate. It is best to give it a light power sanding going with the grain of the wood to open pores, 220 grit is sufficient. 

 Make sure wood is clean before staining. A light wash will do the trick just be sure to wait until wood is fully dry before you stain. At least a few days. 

Clean, dry wood is so important. If you get this right then maintaining your deck will be a breeze. I can be re-coated every few years depending on what kind of sun exposure you get and how much traffic. 

For previously coated wood:

If you know what coating is on your deck, great! Let us know and we can help guide you to the right product. 

If your deck stain is in bad shape or you don't know what is on it, we carry a line of deck stripper and cleaner to brighten it up. Another option is solid stain. It looks solid like a paint but it wears away over time and doesn't peel like paint. 

Cedar and other hardwoods deserve to be shown off. Transparent or Semi-Transparent really bring out the grain while protecting the wood at the same time. 


Applying Kush Deck and Siding Stain:

Now that your deck is sufficiently prepped it is time to stain! Try to choose a day that doesn't have rain in the forecast. If it does rain cover deck with cardboard if possible. Water and oil do not mix. Very hot sunny days are not good days for staining either. 

It is important to stir your stain well and keep it stirred during the process. Stain is watery and the color settles out fast. A 5 gallon bucket with metal grid is a good way to go. Brushing your deck is the best way to work it into the wood. It is not supposed to sit on the top, it needs to penetrate. Garden sprayers are an option, with the fan tip. Going over, section by section with a brush or roller is recommended. Be sure not to let it puddle, our stain has a lot of linseed oil and it will not dry. High linseed oil content means only one coat is recommended!

We offer brushes specific for staining decks or you can choose a larger natural hair brush. You will also need a smaller brush to get in the cracks. 

It is a good idea to test out the stain in an inconspicuous spot to make sure you like the color and to see that it penetrates properly. This product cannot go on top of any product with wax or varnish in it. 

Soak all rags in water, dry out covers and brushes. Stain is combustible in heat (not when in the can).  

And that's it! Just remember not to walk on it for a good 24 hours and wait a few days before putting furniture and grills back on your deck.

We have a wide variety of colors to choose from to accent the natural wood grain. 

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