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Color Trend: Pistachio

Although Pistachio is one of the trendiest colors for autumn 2019, it's actually a very classic color. Pistachio shades are warm, inviting and add a pop of color without being too bold, that is, unless you want it to be bold!  But how to incorporate Pistachio into your decor? It's easier than you think!   - Natural shades like warm off-whites or linens compliment the color wonderfully. If you're using pistachio to create an accent wall, natural neutral colors will work wonderfully for the main paint color! - If painting the entire room in a shade of pistachio, antique whites are your...

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Restoring Outdoor Patio Furniture with Restore-A-Deck

Recently, Kush Paint Co. started to carry the Restore-A-Deck product line for outdoor wooden furniture. Restore-A-Deck is a Michigan made product and we couldn't wait to try it out! We wanted to give you an honest look at the product so we decided to try it out on a pretty weathered Moon Valley Rustics piece we had at that shop! Here's our experience with the Restore-A-Deck system: Below is a few pieces of Moon Valley Rustics outdoor furniture that very badly needed a make-over. This pieces were outdoors and clearly had not been maintained at all.  Before using any products on the...

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Tips for Staining This Summer

With Memorial Day just around the corner, Kush Paint is excited to start working on our summer projects. Staining wood for decks and docks is certainly on our list and probably yours too. Here’s some tips to help you get started with your staining project! Check the weather. The weather forecast can have a lot to do with how stain adheres to wood. Damp wood can leave stain with cracks and that will cause peeling just a few weeks later. You wouldn’t want to be stuck re-staining midsummer after all your hard work, so be sure to plan around mother...

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Accent Walls That Fit Your Style

accent accent wall brick color diy home paint pallet

From faux brick, to wooden pallets, to (you guessed it) paint, accent walls can make or break a room. A bold pop of color with a crown molding and a gallery wall is one of our favorite combinations for an accent wall. The color pop helps you share your personal style in a room without committing to painting the whole room. Installing a crown molding will add elegance and flow to the room so that your different colored walls have a feng shui. And lastly, a gallery wall full of local art, family photos, or you children’s framed masterpieces will...

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How to Properly Store Your Leftover Paint

  It is almost impossible to use every bit of paint you might have for a DIY project. And, most of us like to keep that spare bit around for future color matching or touching up chips or scratches. But how are you supposed to store your paint in a safe way that won’t damage it? Kush Paint is here to tell you! The first rule of thumb is to wipe away any excess paint on the outside of the can and around the rim. The cleaner the can is, the easier it will be to re-seal the lid. You...

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