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Repainting a Tile Kitchen Back Splash

back splash brick details diy enamel high gloss home kitchen paint primer projects winter

We all know color in a kitchen can make or break the harmony of the space. A kitchen should feel welcoming and clean, warm and calm. The kitchen is the room in the house that oozes hospitality, so it's not a room you where the owner should settle on design. Nowadays, the kitchen is the smile of a home. It's filled with lots of bright whites and deep blacks, silvers and pops of color. Sometimes though, kitchens need a little revamp too!  The tile back splash is the unsung hero of the kitchen. It's easy to clean, gets the brunt...

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Proper Storage for Outdoor Patio Furniture

decks finish furniture home prep storage winter wood

We all wish summer could last forever, however, all of us living in the Midwest know that once November and December roll around we'll be in a frozen wonderland for a few months.  Taking extra care of your patio furniture may seem like a chore, but it will extend the life of your plastic, wicker, aluminium or wooden tables and chairs. Use these tips to properly store all of your patio furniture for the winter: 1. Clean the Cushions (if applicable) - Be sure to remove the cushions from the furniture. A 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar with...

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Kush Paint Co. Celebrates 70 Years!

On September 20th, 2019 Kush Paint Co. celebrated a whopping seventy years in business! Here's a quick history of our shop: Steve Kush, who opened the store in 1949, wanted to give the people of Roseville the very best paint products and top notch customer service. That was, and after seventy years, still is the store’s number one priority. Steve Kush’s daughter and current owner of Kush Paint Co, Diana Hemenway, along with her husband Kevin and their small team of paint experts, strive to keep those values alive in the community today.  In celebration and to say thank you...

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Color Trend: Pistachio

Although Pistachio is one of the trendiest colors for autumn 2019, it's actually a very classic color. Pistachio shades are warm, inviting and add a pop of color without being too bold, that is, unless you want it to be bold!  But how to incorporate Pistachio into your decor? It's easier than you think!   - Natural shades like warm off-whites or linens compliment the color wonderfully. If you're using pistachio to create an accent wall, natural neutral colors will work wonderfully for the main paint color! - If painting the entire room in a shade of pistachio, antique whites are your...

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Restoring Outdoor Patio Furniture with Restore-A-Deck

Recently, Kush Paint Co. started to carry the Restore-A-Deck product line for outdoor wooden furniture. Restore-A-Deck is a Michigan made product and we couldn't wait to try it out! We wanted to give you an honest look at the product so we decided to try it out on a pretty weathered Moon Valley Rustics piece we had at that shop! Here's our experience with the Restore-A-Deck system: Below is a few pieces of Moon Valley Rustics outdoor furniture that very badly needed a make-over. This pieces were outdoors and clearly had not been maintained at all.  Before using any products on the...

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