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Proper Storage for Outdoor Patio Furniture

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We all wish summer could last forever, however, all of us living in the Midwest know that once November and December roll around we'll be in a frozen wonderland for a few months. 

Taking extra care of your patio furniture may seem like a chore, but it will extend the life of your plastic, wicker, aluminium or wooden tables and chairs. Use these tips to properly store all of your patio furniture for the winter:

1. Clean the Cushions (if applicable) - Be sure to remove the cushions from the furniture. A 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar with a squirt of dish soap is a great solution to scrub any mildew or mold from the cushion covers. Simply spray the solution onto the cushions and soak for 15 minutes. Scrub with a brush, repeat if necessary. Store once dry. Be sure to store the cushions and anything with fabric in a dry place, inside if you have the space for it!

2. Clean & Dry - Scrub your furniture so it is free of any dirt, mildew or debris. It's important to store the furniture when clean to avoid welcoming any additional growth from these organisms, and to save you time next spring when you unwrap your items! Your future self will thank your present self for taking care of cleaning the furniture ahead of time.

3. Protect - Apply a protective layer onto the frames of your furniture. This may be a layer or wax or a new clear coat. Check your manufactures suggestion if you're unsure what's best for your furniture.

4. Stack & Cover - Stack any chairs you may have a be sure to cover all of the pieces of your furniture. There are many custom fir weather covers available online or in retail stores, but a good, solid tarp will do just fine. It also help to bungee the tarp or cover tightly around the bottom of the furniture to ensure it's properly protected.

5. Store It - Ideally, your patio and outdoor furniture should be stored in a garage or shed for the winter. Well, not everyone has those available. We recommend storing in a place that will not get a lot of snow buildup over the winter if you have to store it outside.

That's it! These tips will definitely help your outdoor furniture look it;'s best year after year. To further add life to your furniture, be sure to do a monthly cleaning during those warm summer months. 

Happy Storing!


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