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Repainting a Tile Kitchen Back Splash

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We all know color in a kitchen can make or break the harmony of the space. A kitchen should feel welcoming and clean, warm and calm. The kitchen is the room in the house that oozes hospitality, so it's not a room you where the owner should settle on design. Nowadays, the kitchen is the smile of a home. It's filled with lots of bright whites and deep blacks, silvers and pops of color. Sometimes though, kitchens need a little revamp too! 

The tile back splash is the unsung hero of the kitchen. It's easy to clean, gets the brunt of spaghetti sauce splatter, and has an incredibly durable life. However, sometimes a back splash need a face lift, and replacing tile is not inexpensive. 

If you're on a budget and are looking to upgrade that tile back splash, look no further, because this blog post explores how easy it is to paint your existing tile rather than replacing it! 


Supplies for painting your tile back splash:

- Grease-fighting cleaner

- Painter's tape

- Newspaper, drop cloth or something else to protect the counter top from drips. 

- Sandpaper

- Paint Primer, oil-based

- Enamel paint (We recommend Kush Marine Enamel Paint, available in a variety of colors)

- Brushes / Rollers

Step 1: Clean the existing tile. Be sure there no greasy gunk left on that back splash, the primer needs a clean surface to grip to.

Step 2: Tape off the area to be painted. Tape newspaper or drop cloth on the counter to protect it as well. 

Step 3: After taping, lightly sand the existing tile. 120 grit should be fine. The purpose of sanding is roughing up the high gloss surface of the tile a bit so the primer grips well. 

Step 4: Prime the back splash. You may need to use a brush for the edges and grout, but either brush or roll the primer onto the tile. One or two coats of primer will do.

Step 5: Lightly sand again once the primer has dried. 

Step 6: Painting the primed tile. Using the same method as for the primer. Paint the tile. Depending on the color, you may need up to three or more coats of paint to cover the old color.

Step 7: Host a party so everyone can enjoy the new back splash!

So remember, repainting tile is definitely an option when you're looking for an inexpensive kitchen upgrade! 

You can find Kush's Enamel paints here

Happy Painting!


Kush Paint Co. Marine Enamel

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