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Interior Painting: Winter wins!

While we often don't think of painting when we think of winter, and the weather often hinders any outdoor projects we may have had in mind, it is actually a great time to get some interior painting done around the house!

What makes painting in the winter great? Well, we've got a few reasons why you may want to get your interior painting done over the holidays this year:


1. Humidity - Painting in summer months means dealing with long dry times and sometimes, gummy paint that just won't set due to the humidity. During the winter months, the humidity drops. The drier air will cause the paint to dry quicker than during the summertime and with almost no chance of the paint getting gummy.

2. It's Cold Outside! - During the winter months we all want to spend more time inside and out of the cold. So why not make good use of that extra time inside and get some painting done? You'll thank yourself during the following summer!

3. Cost Saving - Need to hire a company for your painting projects? Not only are most painting less busy in the winter months, often, you can get the project done for less costs than during the summer months! 

4. A Mid-Winter Boost - Everyone needs a mood boost in the winter, especially in Michigan. Painting an interior room is a great way to bring some smiles. The act of psychically painting, along with the finished result, is a grey way to add a burst of color to the dull, grey days of winter. Added bonus: A fresh look for a room (or two!) in your home.


Keep in mind, paint should never be applied if the temperature is lower than 50 degrees F. So if you keep your house chilly during the winter months, be sure to turn up the heat a bit, at least while you're painting!

If you have painting projects to do over the holiday break, be sure to send up our finished work! We love to see what our customers are up to.


Happy Painting!


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