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Happy New Year! 2020 Paint Color Trends

"New Year, New you" is an idea many people have in mind when anticipating the ball drop. "New Year, New Room" is what we like to think about! Adding or changing the paint color on the walls of a room instantly, and inexpensively give new life to your home. 

The rules for painting and color have changed so much, and this year, 2020, it seems anything and everything can be put on the table. Contrasting patterns or colors, bold solids, and unlikely color pairings are making the trends of 2020 the most fun yet. There are a lot of trends that seem to buck the tried and true rules to color and styling, and we think they're all wonderful. 

- Have you seen the PANTONE color of 2020? It's bold, timeless and great for accent walls (it even has 'classic' in its name!) Behold, Classic Blue! 

Pantone 2020 Classic Blue


- Another big color announcement was Benjamin Moore's Color of the 2020 Year - First Light. This soft coral color is both relaxing and modern.

Honestly, we sort of want to get a little crazy and use both of these colors in the same room, they compliment each other extremely well. 

- Classic white is always a winner when it comes to painting, and this year is no different. Paired with other trend colors like intense hunter greens and terracotta, white helps create a timeless, yet modern room. We cannot get over this kitchen back splash: 



So go nuts this year and do something unexpected with color in your home. 2020 is the year to embrace it all!

Happy Painting!

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