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Pistachio Upgrade: Adding a splash of retro color to the kitchen


Thinking about a bold color for your kitchen? Hesitant to give it a try? This post is for you! 

Hi! My name is Stephanie and I'm the social media admin for Kush Paint Co. I recently wanted to give my kitchen a splash of color and decided - "Why not turn it into a blog post?" So I'm taking over the blog today to post about my painting project. 

Here is what the kitchen looked like before:

While white on white is pretty on trend this year, we've lived in the house for about four years and it's always had the same color. (Every wall color from the previous owners were *so* dark we couldn't stand it so we painted the entire house white before we moved in. And not just dark accent walls. Oh no, entire rooms - the kind of dark that sucked up any sunlight and just felt bleh.)

First things first, removing the spice rack from the wall, which ended up cutting the day's progress short. The double-sided tapes used to secure the spice rack in place also decided to take half the dry wall with it upon removal. Whoops! 

After about a day and a half of patching and drying, it was time to move forward. Funny how projects thought to be simple end up taking more time than anticipated. And that's not even mentioning the issues I realized I had once I pulled out the fridge to paint behind. No, that's for another time...

After removing cobwebs and cleaning the walls, it was finally time to add the color. I had fallen in love with this pistachio green and for weeks sat on whether or not I wanted to give this color a try for the kitchen. After two weeks, I was convinced this color would be perfect for the kitchen. My home is open plan, so the dining room, living room and kitchen are open without walls dividing the separate spaces. So as an added bonus, this color matches wonderfully with my vintage giant throw rugs in the dining and living space.

This particular paint was a gallon of custom colored Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500 in eggshell. Even after simply painting the corners and trim, this color popped and I totally knew I made the right choice!

After two coats of paint and a lot of patience, this color has breathed new life into the kitchen! I am totally in love with it. This was the first time I had ever used Benjamin Moore paint, and I've got to say, it went on smooooth, like butter. I will probably continue to use Benjamin Moore in the future.

I couldn't have made my kitchen wall dreams a reality without the help of Kush Paint Co. They custom tinted the color to perfectly match the item I brought in. I hope after seeing this, you'll shop small and visit Kush Paint Co. for your project needs!

Thanks for letting me take over the blog to share my kitchen project!

Happy Painting!

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