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Here at Kush Paint Co. we recently had someone ask about repainting or painting kitchen cabinets. We have set off to compile a set of must-read articles and a few videos to help you feel confident and informed enough to tackle painting cabinets of any kind!

Any big paint project requires a bit of knowledge about what to expect and some flexibility and acceptance that things aren't always going to go 100% according to plan. We suggest giving these articles a read before starting your project, to help give you an idea of how big this project actually is!


13 Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Kitchen Cabinets

This Good Housekeeping article is a great starting point for your project. It lays out some of the most important steps people often forget to do when prepping the cabinets for a new coat of color! (Like labeling the cabinets so you know how to correctly hang them back up once they're painted.) It showcases the importance of taking your time with this project, and it's a great checklist to have handy when you begin!


How to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

This is wonderful step-by-step article from Benjamin Moore. It showcases the importance of sanding the cabinets lightly with 200 grit sandpaper in between coats of paint, to help give the cabinets a smooth finish!


Pro Secrets for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

This in-depth article from This Old House is a treasure trove of information. It offers detailed steps for getting the painting project done the right way.


How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

This video from the DIYNetwork is a great visual step-by-step for getting those cabinets painted!



Alright, now that you've soaked up all that basic information abut cabinet painting, it's time to choose a paint type and finish for your new cabinets. There are so many different types of paint available today it's important to choose something that will be easy to clean and will not hold onto grease. You just spent a ton of time cleaning and scrubbing the grease off of the cabinets, so choose a paint that grease won't stick to as well!


The Best Type of Paint for Cabinets

The Spruce offers up this great article for latex vs oil-based paints. It also gives tips for best paints to use with various cabinet surfaces, not just solid wood cabinets. 


And finally, arguably the most important part of the project: Hardware updates! Do you plan to update your knobs and pulls once the cabinets are repainted? While using the same hardware is a great and economical choice, choosing new hardware for your cabinets will round out the fresh, new feel of the cabinets! Hardware doesn't have to be expensive but it really can help pull together the feel you're trying to bring to the room. Modern and minimalist? Vintage and flashy? The knobs and pulls can express so much about the personality of a room, all in minute detail. 


Gorgeous Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

This article gives great insight into choosing the right hardware for your brand new cabinets! It's explores different metals and looks you may not have had first considered!

We also love this super short video showcase some great unique cabinet knobs:


We hope this list of informative articles will help you take that plunge into cabinet painting. A great rule of thumb regarding projects, or life really, is "Take a deep breath, and dive in." Once you get started on such a huge undertaking, you may feel your anxiety of simply getting started fade away, and you know what, you got this! 

Remember: these tips are meant to help you make educated decisions about your cabinets. The rest is up to you! If you need additional help or tips, do not hesitate to contact one of our paint experts at 586-293-4545 or visit our Roseville, Mi store today.


Happy Painting!






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