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A Fresh Coat of Paint - A Bench Gets New Life

Hello and Happy Summer (?!) It's been a wild few months with everything that's been going on, but I hope you're staying safe and healthy.   A few months ago, our social media admin, Stephanie, shared her kitchen paint project, where she went from vibrant white walls, to  retro pistachio green. We're happy to welcome her back again today to share another project.  So, first a little backstory about how this bench came to be. The back is a headboard we found at a random antique shop/garage sale in northern Michigan. For whatever reason, we basically got it for free....

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cabinets diy kitchen paint projects remodel tips wood

Here at Kush Paint Co. we recently had someone ask about repainting or painting kitchen cabinets. We have set off to compile a set of must-read articles and a few videos to help you feel confident and informed enough to tackle painting cabinets of any kind! Any big paint project requires a bit of knowledge about what to expect and some flexibility and acceptance that things aren't always going to go 100% according to plan. We suggest giving these articles a read before starting your project, to help give you an idea of how big this project actually is!  ...

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Pistachio Upgrade: Adding a splash of retro color to the kitchen

  Thinking about a bold color for your kitchen? Hesitant to give it a try? This post is for you!  Hi! My name is Stephanie and I'm the social media admin for Kush Paint Co. I recently wanted to give my kitchen a splash of color and decided - "Why not turn it into a blog post?" So I'm taking over the blog today to post about my painting project.  Here is what the kitchen looked like before: While white on white is pretty on trend this year, we've lived in the house for about four years and it's always had the...

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Happy New Year! 2020 Paint Color Trends

"New Year, New you" is an idea many people have in mind when anticipating the ball drop. "New Year, New Room" is what we like to think about! Adding or changing the paint color on the walls of a room instantly, and inexpensively give new life to your home.  The rules for painting and color have changed so much, and this year, 2020, it seems anything and everything can be put on the table. Contrasting patterns or colors, bold solids, and unlikely color pairings are making the trends of 2020 the most fun yet. There are a lot of trends...

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Interior Painting: Winter wins!

While we often don't think of painting when we think of winter, and the weather often hinders any outdoor projects we may have had in mind, it is actually a great time to get some interior painting done around the house! What makes painting in the winter great? Well, we've got a few reasons why you may want to get your interior painting done over the holidays this year:   1. Humidity - Painting in summer months means dealing with long dry times and sometimes, gummy paint that just won't set due to the humidity. During the winter months, the...

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