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Accent Walls That Fit Your Style

accent accent wall brick color diy home paint pallet

From faux brick, to wooden pallets, to (you guessed it) paint, accent walls can make or break a room.

A bold pop of color with a crown molding and a gallery wall is one of our favorite combinations for an accent wall. The color pop helps you share your personal style in a room without committing to painting the whole room. Installing a crown molding will add elegance and flow to the room so that your different colored walls have a feng shui. And lastly, a gallery wall full of local art, family photos, or you children’s framed masterpieces will draw the eye and bring depth and texture to the space.

Speaking of texture, faux brick is an inexpensive way to bring a different element inside. It’s perfect for a basement, bar area, man cave, or studio apartment. Brick is a classic look that you can modernize by adding a thin layer of white paint over the top. For the perfect white washed look on your faux brick, be sure to use a brush and not a roller. Also, keep in mind faux brick doesn’t soak in paint like real brick does so start with thin layers. You can always add more!

For those who like to bring the outdoors inside, wood pallet walls are an easy DIY project anyone can do. Warm wood is a natural element that you can’t go wrong with! It’ll pull together a living space, dining room, or even give a bathroom an earthy-spa like feel. Even though there isn’t any paint involved, it is something we definitely will be trying out.

No matter your style, we promise there is an accent wall you’ll fall in love with. And, if you’re not sure what type of wall you want to try first remember Kush Paint is here to help!

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