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Make Your Walls Sparkle!

Glitter paint is a trend sweeping little girl’s bedrooms and young adult’s bathrooms. Glitter accents in a room give a lux and feminine look, as do colorful and focal accent walls. So, why not combine glitter and accent walls?

Rust-oleum has come up with a fabulous Glitter Interior Wall Paint. It’s fine glitter doesn’t clump together, which is perfect for painting everything from small pieces of furniture to entire accent walls. But, there are a few things you should know about it before deciding to glitterfy you room.

The mixture is (basically) clear paint combined with copious amounts of glitter. Now, this doesn’t mean you should paint your night stand with clear nail polish and crafting glitter. Rust-oleum has expertly added the right glitter to a clear paint base. So, you can paint a dark color on a wall and then apply a layer or two of glitter paint over it.

Keep in mind that darker colored bases do not require a thick layer or multiple layers of glitter paint over it. The sparkles will naturally contrast the dark color and pick up more light making it look more dramatic. However, lighter colored walls will require more layers.

Don’t try to save time by slapping thick layers of paint onto walls and furniture. It won’t help and it will leave your paint project looking blotchy and uneven. Instead, try multiple lighter layers and alternate the direction you paint in every time you go over it (horizontal, vertical, horizontal, etc.). This, along with frequently stirring the paint, will ensure an even application of sparkle.

When it comes to mixing your best bet will be using a mixer drill attachment. This way the entire mixture will have the proper solution and you won’t be left with a bunch of hardly-sparkly clear paint at the bottom of the can. Also, if you use a mixer drill attachment you can put that extra arm energy you are saving into painting more layers for your spark-tacular decor.

Lastly, as always, thoroughly clean your walls and let them dry before painting them. And, if you have any questions, call Kush Paint!



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