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4 Things to Consider Before Painting Your Kitchen Cupboards

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Are you tired of your wooden kitchen cupboards but don’t have the budget to purchase new ones? Painting over old cupboards can completely change the look and feel of a kitchen with minimal cost! However, not all cupboards are created the same. Before you decided to whip out the paint brush, tarps, and rollers, consider these things:

  1. Do your cupboards have a seal or gloss on them?

If your wood or already painted cupboards have a glossy-looking finish on them, you will have to consider your options when it comes to sanding that down. Traditionally, if you put a new layer of gloss paint over an old coat of gloss you don’t need to sand. But, this is not always the case. Do some research first if you are considering skipping the sanding step.

  1. What type of hardware do the cupboards require?

If you are going to paint and update your kitchen, odds are you are going to have to update some hardware as well. Hardware that is visible such as a hinge or handle will likely be changed to match the new look of the kitchen. Other pieces may be rusted and need replacing. Either way, be sure to budget for new hardware and be careful while painting over where they are placed. Getting paint in the wrong place can call for unnecessary drilling or sanding which risks ruining the cupboard.

  1.  Look at your cupboard’s details.

Many cupboard doors and faces have details in them that add dimension and style to them. It is often recommended to use a second color paint or stain on these details to enhance their appearance and give the cupboards character so they don’t look so static with one color. Depending on the detail, you may want to talk to a paint professional about how to properly paint, sand, and choose a color that will draw the eye to those small details.

  1. Consider the amount of traffic your kitchen has.

If you are someone who hardly cooks or doesn’t make much of a mess, you have a few more options with choosing a type of finish for your project. However, if you are an avid cooker, baker, or have small children, it is recommended that you use a semi-gloss or high-gloss paint. These paints are much easier to clean compared to other finishes. High-gloss paints also resist moisture. Some downfalls of high-gloss paint though is how reflective it is and how it shows imperfections. The reflectivity creates shadows and magnifies the look of bumps and scratches.

No matter the cupboard, painting can be cost efficient and easy. Make sure to do your research ahead of time, and get ready to paint!

Remember, you can always give our experts at Kush Paint a call for answers to your painting questions. You can even set up an appointment to meet with us at (586) 293-4545!

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