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New Year, New Attitude, New Colors!

2019 is here and many people celebrate with making New Year’s resolutions. Year after year people make goals for themselves, many of which are long term to last over the course of the year. Common resolutions include going to the gym more, eating healthier, and being generally happier with life as it is. Luckily, Kush Paint is here to help you with your resolution this year (specifically the last one)!

Surrounding yourself with certain colors can play a major part in your everyday attitude and happiness. If you need to be more motivated, try adding some orange to your home decor. If your resolution is to be more mindful with open ambitions, a lighter blue is the color for you! Green is one of our favorites as it represents serenity, restoration, growth, and prosperity.

Integrating these colors, or whatever color that aligns with your personal goals, is proven to make a psychological difference in your life. Just painting one accent wall red can stimulate a feeling of power and confidence - you don’t need commit to changing the entire room to receive the psychological benefits of color. You could do something as small as painting the frame of your hallway mirror a bright and bold color to remind yourself of your goals and feel like you can achieve them.

The beautiful thing about color is that there are limitless possibilities. There are limitless feelings that a color can bring someone. There are limitless combinations of color. So, what are you waiting for? Celebrate the new year with new colors on your walls, in your home, and anywhere you can.

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