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Kush Paint

Kush Copper Bronze Paint

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Copper Bronze
Kush Racing Copper Bronze paint is a hard racing copper paint that is excellent for use on wood or fiberglass boat bottoms.

Mr. Kush was the first to develop a copper bronze that would not tarnish over time while in the water. We use a specially developed polyurethane in combination with other proprietary ingredients that allows fresh copper particles to come to the surface to keep a brighter for an extended period of time.

Cupric Oxide (bright copper) allows your boat to glide through water more smoothly than wax or other painted surfaces.

This product has been used by many of the old wood yacht restorers, in the Great Lakes area, since it was developed in the 1970's.

Use Kush Copper Bronze paint on previously painted surfaces, bare fiberglass, bare wood, bare steel, also on lead, steel, and cast iron keels.

For use in salt or fresh water. Not an antifouling paint.

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