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Kush Paint

Camo Paint Kit- #1 Best Selling 4 Color Dead Flat Marine Enamel Set - FREE SHIPPING Over $75

$ 59.85 $ 131.80


Plus Save Up To $32.95 With This Bundle!

Premium 4 Color Camo Paint Kit

Available in a 4 pint set or 4 quart set.

Kit Includes our most commonly used color combinations:

1 Olive Drab

1 Black

1 Dead Grass Brown

1 Tree Bark

Please Note: For larger boats and other large surfaces, we recommend purchasing an additional gallon of Olive Drab or Dead Grass Brown to use as a base coat.


Kush Camo Paint is a dead flat alkyd based marine grade product that is ideal for duck decoys, boats (inside and out), blinds or anything else the may require a camouflage appearance. Kush Camouflage dries dead flat and comes in a variety of colors, some of which have been matched for hunters using actual tree bark, cattails and even water. It is also available in black and white.

This product can be applied by roller, brush or sprayer, on properly prepared surfaces. This includes, wood, metal, fiberglass, and plastic. Kush Camo Paint comes in gallons, quarts and pints. We can also custom match any color. Give us a call at 586-293-4545 or email us at for details. A $10 first time matching fee will be applied per color.

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