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Sea Hawk

CUKOTE Antifouling Boat Bottom Paint

$ 87.00


All around our best selling copper antifouling boat bottom paint. With 45% copper it works extremely well in the Great Lakes as well as in the Caribbean to keep off grassers, zebra mussels and barnacles. It is an ablative antifouling which means it wears off in the water slowly bringing new copper to the surface. This is how the bottom stays clean. Sea Hawk Cukote stays cleaner than others but will not rub off as much on your body. Yachts pulled out after the season with just a light cleaning, look like they were just painted. It is a multi-season paint.

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Cukote's high loading of cuprous oxide makes this formulation a top boat bottom paint performer, even in the most severe fouling areas. As an ablative, self-polishing coating, there is no buildup of bottom paint over time. Your hull’s underwater surface remains smooth and clean. Cukote copolymer can also withstand removal from water without affecting its antifouling properties. Cukote is the premium self-polishing antifouling paint that has established the standard in the industry.


  • Semi-hard, self-polishing ablative finish
  • Multi-season performance on pleasure boats and commercial vessels
  • Removing boat from water does not affect antifouling properties
  • No TBT (organotin compounds)
  • 47.5% cuprous oxide
  • Effective below the waterline on fiberglass, steel and wood vessels
  • Lloyd’s Registry certified

How To Video: Prepping, Barrier Coat Application & Bottom Painting Tips & Tricks


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